Transpile TypeScript to javaScript

TypeScript is a super set of JavaScript, brought to us by Microsoft.

Browsers can’t run TypeScript yet it is needed for Angular2+. So it is necessary to convert or ‘transpile’ your TypeScript code to JavaScript to that it will run in a browser, if you need it to run in a browser that is.

Start by intsalling typescript

$ npm install -g typescript

make a typescript file, e.g. filename.ts

let num: number = 4;

transpile with,

$ tsc filename.ts

and you’ll get a new file filename.js

var number = 4;

and that’s it!

What’s great about typescript is it gives you the errors on transpile.

Try this in your file,


without defining blah so that you get an error.

Note that the file will still run despite error showing.

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