Angular 4: Getting started Install angular-cli (part 1)

We’ll create a simple app with Angular 4 which will sum two numbers input into a form.

First install Angular CLI (

$ npm install -g @angular/cli

Create a new project called mathapp,

$ ng new mathapp

Move into this newly created directory,

$ cd mathapp

Now create a component called sum

$ ng g c sum

where g is short for generate and c is for component.

Next be sure to be in the same directory that has package.json and install all packages in there with npm. yarn is also a good package manager, consider faster than npm because it will not install package dependecies already installed in previous packages.

$ npm install

Now let us run the server with,

$ ng serve

Navigate to http://localhost:4200

and you should see the text,

So now we are well on our way! Well done!