Raspberry Pi 3 SD card image setup (part 1)

Download the latest Raspbian

Raspbian Jessie with Pixel

Unzip the .zip file

$ unzip 2016-11-25-raspbian-jessie.zip

This will create a new image file,


Look at the mounted filesystems before you put in the microSD card in it’s adapter,

$ df -h

Place the microSD card in the SD adapter and slot it into your computer. Check the name for this on your system,

$ df -h

Here we see the new partitions on the SD card, which were not present the first time we ran ‘df -h’. These are ‘mmcblk0p3′,’mmcblk0p5’ and ‘mmcblk0p6’. The card itself is ‘mmcblk0’. If this is a new card you won’t see these with ‘df -h’ In that case change directory to /dev

$ /dev
$ ls

and you will see the mmcblk0** partitions.

If they do not show up with ‘df -h’ then they are not mounted. You do not want them mounted when you copy the image to the SD card. It is important to unmount this partitions with umount,

Now we are ready to put the .img file on the microSD card at ‘mmcblk0’. ‘mmcblk0’ with no partition after it references the whole card, which is what we want.

We will use ‘dd’ to copy the image onto the SD card.

Then remove the card and slot it into your Pi 3.

I don’t know why, but I had to repeat this process. The card did work in the Pi3 but the wifi wouldn’t connect or the ethernet connection.